Welcome to Lifeflow

Over the last 40 years Lifeflow has helped thousands of people to lead calmer and more relaxed lives. The Lifeflow technique is a combination of practical meditation and mindfulness that is easy to understand, non-religious and suited to the busy contemporary Australian lifestyle. Our highly trained teachers can guide you in meditations that help you to feel more confident, sleep better, stress less and enjoy life more.

  • Online courses in meditation and mindfulness

  • Learn how to calm a busy mind – quickly and easily.

  • Tools to take charge of your emotional wellbeing.

  • Find more joy and contentment using spot meditations.

  • Find your ‘go-to’ meditation that’s a perfect fit for you.

  • Improve your sleep and feel more rested during the day.

Want more calm in your life?

Learn more about how meditation can help you

Learn to meditate anywhere, at any time ... and experience the deep sense of calm that Lifeflow training offers. Our comprehensive, easy to follow courses are designed to support you to restore balance to your life.

What we offer

  • Our 30 minute 'Intro to Meditation' online course offers you a great insight into how meditation works and what it can do for you.

  • 'Learn to Meditate' is a comprehensive 8 hour course, that includes a foundation in the skills of meditation and mindfulness, plus tools for emotional well-being and joy. For beginners and experienced meditators.

  • The 'Lifeflow Library' provides access to recorded meditations presented by Lifeflow's highly skilled teachers. We’ve designed this resource to be used in conjunction with, or as a follow up, to our face-to-face and online courses and retreats.

Lifeflow's Values

Lifeflow is a wholly Australian, non-profit, educational organisation dedicated to alleviating mental and emotional conflict by providing meditation-based tools that integrate mind and body. Lifeflow's work rests on the principles of respecting the individual, the community and the environment. We encourage acting with love, clarity, integrity and openness in all that we do.